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Posted By: Ireland
29-Nov-02 - 10:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: bullying advice
Subject: RE: BS: bullying advice
My son goes to one of the best Grammar schools where we live, those who bully him do it in a way to get him into trouble and this teachers realised that and obliged. What amazes me is how teachers can be manipulated considering how intelligent they think they are.

I understand what Joe is saying but it does allow the bully to just carry on to the next person, my son stood up to them and stopped it,he has made many friends because of it. These little sh-ts did not like that and are trying to get him in other ways. His cousin is in the same class and over heard them plotting how to get him, one girl said make up anything.

I cannot believe how teachers ask parents to apply a certain logic and not do that themselves. We have a tendency to blame the victim, to make them change because others cannot stop bullying, to do that seems to me letting the bully win. No one curtails or changes the bully but they want the victim to change, at what point does this stop. Dave points out his daughters got bullied one reason given because they were Goths, what right does a bully have to act in such a manner that they restrict the true personality of those who are bullied? To change only enforces the mind set of the bully he/she has won because they succeeded in bringing about change.

Sorry I do not buy into the victim head at all, to do so would give some wee sh-t the power of affecting change no matter what way any child carries themselves. So rather using the word victim I think the innocent party is more appropriate and has less connotations.