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Posted By: Ireland
30-Nov-02 - 12:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: bullying advice
Subject: RE: BS: bullying advice
Thanks for your advice, I have documented every thing that's what gets to me, the school knows it and still does not take positive action to prevent it. I was offered the "peers" system were children are assigned to an older pupil, I turned it down and ask for the bullies to be paired of with an older pupil, maybe they would show them the error of their ways.

As for victim head I see no better way of enforcing that than the method above and some schools recommend that???

I hope Joe you realise I'm not attacking you as such so I hope I did not offend you or anyone else.

Barry can I take your song to the School maybe with that they will get the message. Helen I appreciate your help and am off to the bully online site. Eric's children and young persons act advice has given me some ammo as it helps to know some of the responsibilities teachers have towards their pupils and this was one I did not know about.