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Posted By: Barry Finn
30-Nov-02 - 05:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: bullying advice
Subject: RE: BS: bullying advice
Be carefull on how to approch teachers & what effect it will have on their treatment towards your child. We have had personal experiences where not only did the teacher retaliate but their demeaning behavior, gossip & treatment sent a messague that other teachers pick up on & as a group they've just unjustly labeled the child. A good portion of the time the professionalism has been shockingly horrid. Again good luck. As with any site be carefull when reading some of the bullying sites some are just great & loaded with helpful info & then there are some that are useless or have info that might you might want to stear clear of. (note: no reflection on any sites linked here just a general caution). I was never bullied as a kid. When we moved into a more upscale neighborhood (the start of High School) I did become a target because & had the thick Boston getto accent & my style (poor) of fashion wasn't like there's. The first time I saw it coming I let into the biggest bully & kept at them using anything my little body could use. After a short time they may have had the pleasure of getting me a good many bumps but it wasn't worth it for them to keep it up or to keep looking over their shoulders when I was sneaking up to clock them when a trash can or a bag loaded full of books. Of course this is around 40 yrs ago. Today if I tried that I'd be the one to catch hell & pay dearly for my self protection & the blame would all be laid at my doorstep. Barry