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Posted By: fiddler
02-Dec-02 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: 5 String Fiddles
Subject: RE: 5 String Fiddles
Well taking out the often predjudice against Electric I have just bought a 5 String hollow bodied Electric (Bridge - UK designed and made) fiddle.

Essentially you have two instruments a viola and a violin on the same bit of wood! Clever.

I am looking at transposing down some melodies and moving up some bass lines. Thats what you can do with it. I've not come accross andy dots specifically for a 5 string. I'm sure I'll get correcteed on that one!

Taking the structure of many tunes the B music is often in a higher register, do it on the lower registers against a musician playing in the higher.

I've classical background and don't do improvisation very well but this forces me to. I've been told it will take at least three months to master it! Teh biggest problem is having been down to bottom C you then find the D string plum in the middle on top of the bridge! NOT where I expect it! *GRIN*

Have fun!!! Yup Tim Phillips Acoustic may be my next step they are very nice but I've got to sell an istrument first!