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Posted By: John MacKenzie
02-Dec-02 - 05:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bloody WalMart
Subject: BS: Bloody WalMart
I'm pissed off at WalMart, when we were on holiday in the US I spent hundreds of dollars in what I thought was a wonderful store. When my grandson was born, I used them to send flowers to my kids in Vermont. So here we are Christmas, and I order a couple of CDs and a Wisconsin cheese gift package, about $50 bucks. They cancelled my order, they only accept cards issued by US banks, assholes. Why did they take my plastic in September but not in December? I wrote them and complained all I got back was a form type letter, and it was obvious that they hadn't really read my complaint mail. Well GOD ROT them.

Rant rant.......Giok