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Posted By: Richie
02-Dec-02 - 10:27 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Darlin' Corey / Little Maggie
Subject: ADD Version: Little Maggie
The chords in the previous post did not appear over the correct words but I think it's easy to understand.

Guest Q- I already had transcribed "Little Maggie" from Grayson and Whittier. Here are the lyrics"


(Fiddle Intro)

Oh yonder stands little Maggie,
With her dram glass in her hand.
She's passing by her troubles,
An' a courtin' some other man.

How can I ever stand it?
For to see those two blue eyes,
They're shinin' like a diamond
Like a diamond in the skies.

(Fiddle break; Spoken: Little Maggie)

Now march me down to the station,
With my suitcase in my hand.
I'm goin' away for to leave you, little girl,
I'm goin' to some far distant land.

(Fiddle break; Spoken: yee-hoo)

I would rather be in some dark holler,
Where the sun could never shine
Than to know you're another man's darling,
And no longer a darling of mine.

(Fiddle break;)

Sometimes I have a nickel,
And sometimes I have one dime.
Sometimes I've got ten dollars
Just to pay little Maggie's fine.

Pretty flowers were made for bloomin'
Pretty stars was made for to shine
Pretty girls were made for boys to love
Surely Maggie was made for mine.

(Fiddle Break; Spoken: I hope so anyway)

(Extended Fiddle solos)

Notes: The fourth verse is a floating verse from "East Virginia Blues/Dark Holler Blues."