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Posted By: Fadac
04-Jun-99 - 11:01 AM
Thread Name: National Accordion Awareness Month
Subject: RE: National Accordion Awareness Month
Gee Campfire, Then it's the nice lady that dosn't sing? What do you play Camp?

Rick, Like it or not, that accordion, just might have something to do with your love of muisc. Does your mother still play?

BTW, I'm learning on a 140 button base, that last row of buttons really help for some things. The buttons work like this. From the back working to the front. Each row is a key, C, F, etc. Back row, is the dim row. Cdim Then its the 7ths, C7 then its the minor chord Cm, Then the major key, CM Then the root, or base key, C only two more to go, the next to the last row is up a 1/3 or E. The last row on a 140 button bass (the 120 dosn't have this row) is up one step. Eb. The bottom row across is Bbb.

The fun thing is you have to learn all this with muscle memory. You can't see your fingers, so you just have to learn where each button is located. On mine I have C and Ab and A# marked with little rinestones, so I can feel for them.

The Piano side, well, that's the same as regular piano keys. However there is (I think) a better system called C Chromatic. It's played more in Northern and Centeral Eruope. I can get a good deal on one, but I can't find a teacher for it. So I'm sticking with the piano one for now. Just learning that is enough on my plate.

One thing I have learned, an Accordion is not a quick instrument to learn. I think it will take me about three years of 1 hour practice each day and a lesson a week, before I will feel able to really play in public. So an Accordion is not for someone looking for an easy instrument to play.