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Posted By: DocJohn
04-Jun-99 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: Anyone familiar with Johnson Resonator Guits
Subject: RE: Anyone familiar with Johnson Resonator Guits
Someone on one of the other guitar oriented boards recently bought a Johnson and was thrilled with it.I remember he got a deal on it but Can't remember the price. He said it had a nice old National sound. Another brand is the Continental but I'm not sure they are available on this continent. I only lurk here occasionally so I'm not sure it's acceptable practice to post a web site for more info. There's a couple I can recommend.

As far as the new Dobros...I bought a Dobrolectric 2 years ago and have been fighting to get it working properly. I finally found a tech who knew what to do and had to completely take it apart. This after sending it to Gibson and then also their factory authorized rep. I played some new Gibson Dobros in a store recently and while some of them sounded OK I wasn't enamored with the frets, the fret board or the action. Lowering the action on those things is almost impossible. I play slide and straight fingerpicking and use a fairly low action for slide. I don't think it is necessary for someone who lknows what they are doing to jack the action up beyond playability to play bottleneck., But that's my taste. I guess the point is it would be easier to RAISE the action than to lower it cause when you lower it you lose the downward pressure on the cone and all kinds of buzzes ensue. Wow what a paragraph.

The paint jobs on the Dobros, while pretty, have some sloppy work on them. Would it be too much to ask to block the F hole so the inside of the body isn't all splattered with paint? I know most people don't look in there but to me it's a mark of attention to detail, or lack thereof.

I did play a Johnson last year at a show and liked it very much.

If you're adventurous check the on-line auctions. There are a lot of resophonic guitars aon there and some have reserves as low as $4-500. most from stores have a 24-hour return policy. While many of them are for sale for huge money, I think they can be had.

I play a 70's model dobro single cone and have no trouble with slide or fingerstyle.