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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
05-Dec-02 - 05:31 AM
Thread Name: Parody Urged:Fixing planes w/ DUCT TAPE!
Subject: RE: Parody Urged:Fixing planes w/ DUCT TAPE!
I believe "Duct Tape" was the original description, used for fixing ducting of various types, electrical or rain gutters etc.,
It seems that one firm has decided that "Duck Tape" ("The Original") sounds sufficiently alike that it will be thought that the derivation of this waterproof tape is the other way around. Of course, they are correct in claiming to be the original 'Duck Tape' as this term was previously only used as a misnomer.
"Gaffer Tape"; same stuff, used by (originally) chief electrician/technician in a film crew ("Gaffer" on the credits)

Badge (US=button) seen at a science fiction con:
"Gaffer Tape is like The Force; it has a Light Side, and a Dark Side, and holds the universe together!"