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Posted By: Mary in Kentucky
05-Dec-02 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Snow atlast , snow atlast......'
Subject: RE: BS: 'Snow atlast , snow atlast......'
Another Yankee, hrmmmmmmmmfffffff! ;-)

Cincinnati, like most of Kentucky, is often on the line between freezing and rain. We don't just have snow, we have ICE! It's not like driving on powder. And then the slush freezes every night to make several inches of ice. Ice is very hard for the scrapers to remove, so the roads often have a washboard effect, not to mention hidden icy spots.

But we do have our share of crazy drivers who drive entirely too fast. On days like this, the police tell people in fender benders to just exchange information and go to the nearest police station to fill out an accident report.

Here in small towns, the city schools are often open while the county schools can close for a week. The snow on city streets will melt from traffic while the county roads will stay icy until the weather turns warmer.

Mary in Bardstown (5 inches here)