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Posted By: gnu
05-Dec-02 - 08:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Snow atlast , snow atlast......'
Subject: RE: BS: 'Snow atlast , snow atlast......'
"I can not contain my excitement as there is nothing more pyschologically peacful than a blanket of fresh snow first thing in the morning."

You don't own a shovel, do you ? You don't have to be at work promptly, even when there's a foot down, the plow just put three feet in the end of your drive, she's blowinn drifts that challenge a 4X4, and visibility is less than ten feet in the whiteouts, do you ?

You don't have KeeKee Birds down there, do you? The flock in my back yard would be singing their song this morning, "Kee Kee KEEE-RIIST IT"S KEE KEE COLD !!!!", if their little beaks weren't frozen shut.

My brother has a dream: to win the lottery, put his snow blower on a trailer and head south until someone asks, "What's that thing ?"