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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
05-Dec-02 - 11:15 PM
Thread Name: Shanty Gathering Ideas for New England
Subject: RE: Shanty Gathering Ideas for New England
Sounds interesting. I might consider it if I could bum a ride down - would share fuel & toll costs of course.

The last time I was in Newburyport it impressed me as being pretty yuppish, touristy and knickky-knackky. I wonder if folks there might consider us a little beneath them, for some reason.

I was wondering if the Bath Maritime Museum might be interested in hosting a hoot; they have plenty of room (the sail loft comes to mind) and we would no doubt be a big hit with the Touristas.
Every now and again they have a sailing ship in, and it would be grand to sing while actually pumping, hauling a line, walking a windlass etc.. (not to be overdone, of course). That would be a great photo as well as recording opportunity - and some fun, too, don't ye reckon?

Naemanson; have you got an "in" up there, by any chance?