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Posted By: YOR
06-Dec-02 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Snow atlast , snow atlast......'
Subject: RE: BS: 'Snow atlast , snow atlast......'
I think the funniest thing about people here in the DC area is with any threat of snow they run off to the store and buy a months worth of food. Dan'it I just need a gallon of milk and fresh bread and I blow it off because of the crowds.

We had 6 inches at my house, my wife left for NW DC at 6:15 and got to work at 7:30, hell thats a normal bad day. I tried to talk her into coming back to bed, struck out. My work was closed so after my morning phone call to get the word, fresh cup of cold water, turn off the alarm, TV and headboard lamp and Nap Time!

Oh yeah! My 4x4 pickup sat in the driveway unused all day and my wife drove the Focus with no problems. So many of the idiot drivers stayed home.

I saw a major idiot this morning on the way to work. He decided to pull off the main road to the left into the median. He went all the way to the center gully, much farther and deeper than he had planned. He's gonna need a tow truck to get his sorry ass out of there. Dumb Ass!

Enjoy, Roy