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Posted By: GUEST,Sonja
06-Dec-02 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: Parody Urged:Fixing planes w/ DUCT TAPE!
Subject: RE: Parody Urged:Fixing planes w/ DUCT TAPE!
Funny, but the song phrase that pops into my head here is a take off on the Hollies' "BUS STOP:"

Duck tape smooths scrapes,
Mends planes, stops rape,
Waterproofs umbrellas.
Darns socks, heals warts,*
Loved by old farts,
Makes the world feel mellow!

*BTW, medical research has recently discovered that duct/duck tape (used properly) is as effective as more hi-tech techniques (such as "freezing") in removing warts, and maybe less prone to complications. (You don't cover the wart with duct/k tape and then yank it off like those wax depilatories, though. You have to cover the wart for days or weeks, and it goes away. For warts on the face, this cure may be more disfiguring than the wart, of course, at least for a while!)