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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
07-Dec-02 - 11:13 PM
Thread Name: Tech: The Aluminum Martin Guitar
Subject: RE: Tech: The Aluminun Martin Guitar
I am no longer surprised by anything that Chris Martin and crew come up with. Their increased experimentation over the past few years has resulted in some real winners, like the re-issued 15 series, but also in a lot of weird stuff and eye-candy that I would certainly never consider buying. The sad thing is that IMHO their emphasis on marginal guitars like the Alternative Series has led to a perceived decline in the quality and desirability of their Standard Series guitars like the D-18 and D-28. There was a time when, if someone had given me enough money to buy a new D-28 and told me to go out and buy any guitar I wanted with it, a new D-28 was exactly what I would have come home with. If someone gave me enough money to buy a new D-28 today, I'd come home with a Breedlove, or a Taylor, or a Lowden, or a Bourgeois, etc.

I'm not Martin-bashing here. I own a D-28 (that I bought used at an excellent price), and two 15 series guitars. I just would not consider buying a new higher end Martin if I had the money to buy another quality guitar.