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08-Dec-02 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: Copperhead Road - explanation of line
Subject: RE: Copperhead Road - explanation of line
I went back and listened to 2 different versions. Sure enough he says "then he looked inside". For what, only steve earle knows. Still don't make any sense to me and i know how to paint cars. For one thing no one primers the inside of a car unless you are completely restoring it. I assume that line is taken into the context of primering over the sheriff logo. If you look inside a car you're looking for something. If you've already bought it and brought it back to your shop you know darn well what's in it unless he maybe meant looking under the back seat to figure out what to remove to make more room for a whiskey load. They would cut out parts of the back seat to make more room for the load and hop up the motors. The cars already had heavy duty police suspension and brakes. That would be the only thing i could think of and that's probably what steve meant, however that line as you guys have demonstrated is completely lost on most folks in the year 2002 that are not familiar with bootleggers and dry counties in the US. If you're a savvy used car dealer you always check under the back seat. There could be anything from jewelry to a gun back there. I found $500 worth of gold jewelry under one and a friend found a Nazi SS dagger under another. I'll continue to sing it the way i always did, just tell steve earle i "fixed" it for him. If anyone is interested there is a show coming on the History Channel tomorrow night about bootleggers, moonshine runners, etc.