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06-Jun-99 - 07:48 AM
Thread Name: Anyone familiar with Johnson Resonator Guits
Subject: RE: Anyone familiar with Johnson Resonator Guits
I though that garbage can sound came from the metal, Mark. I will scour Sydney and see if I can find a wooden resonator with a bisquit.

About what I said about tensions. About what Mark says about D and E tuning. I have light strings on my usual guitar and tend to tune down to D. I have a very lightly built guitar I found in a pawn shop cheap with X-light strings on it. I use E to play the same things with that, because they become too slack when tuned down.

I would like to know if Regals do come with a bisquit arrangement.

I looked up Johnson resonators (called Johnson-Sterling) in a (not entirely up-to-date) Elderly Catalogue. They look like they have wooden necks like the nationals. but they have a solid rather than a slotted tuning head

There is a guitar listed there called the "National Delphi" which sells for $1344.00. For a National that is fairly cheap. Do any of you know anything about them. It does have a bisquit bridge but I can't tell if it has a square or a round neck.