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Posted By: Rick Fielding
08-Dec-02 - 11:13 PM
Thread Name: Tech: The Aluminum Martin Guitar
Subject: RE: Tech: The Aluminum Martin Guitar
Yah, I've seen one. Completely mediocre, but there are now so many 'collectors' out there that several thousand will be grabbed up simply for that purpose. Their "hand painted" Cowboy model is very similar. An average instrument with a rather (perspectively) poor painting on it.

They did a lot to bring the good name of the company back after the seventies-eighties fiascos, but with stuff like this, they could go right back into the dumper. A friend of mine has a new small bodied Martin, and is thinking about getting a "split saddle" put in, to compensate for the slightly out of tune (at the 12th fret) bass string. She says that nobody else who's played her guitar has even NOTICED the discrepancy. Other companies have perfect intonation these days, but many Martins still don't. Better be careful Chris...