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06-Jun-99 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: uk folkies
Subject: RE: uk folkies
O.K If it's confession time (see Ian 2/6), then my name is Mike Cahill and I'm a Morris Dancer. There, they say that confession is good for the soul and I feel a lot better now I'm, "out". It started by accident I was in a pub and somehow got dragged into it (Press Ganged, more like). Been doing it 26 years now, it's ruined my life, never did get to be chief Exec. of ICI, or M.P. for Castleford. I might have been, you know!! But once they found out about my "habit" then they backed off and selected others over me. I'm not bitter, and now I'm too set in my ways to change. I take things a day at a time. I,ve not danced at all today yet. Just 2 hours and the day will be over. If you see a bunch of old men with Royal Blue velvet Knee Britches calling themselves the Wrigley Head North West Morris Men, Have pitty and buy us beer, were too old, week willed and addle brained to change. The beer will help us to forget the pain of the knackered knees, broken wind and the memory of how life used to be before we became slaves to this vile addiction. (You can see us at Middlewhich F.F. and Saddleworth Rushcart)8-)