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10-Dec-02 - 12:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bloody WalMart
Subject: RE: BS: Bloody WalMart
Well the old Sam's Club in Earth City (really!) Missouri is now InCahoots a GIANT cowboy dance club which books up-coming local and well established names and charges reasonable rates. HUGE dance floor, claimed to be biggest in the midwest. We go there to dance couples style country dancing with the occasional line dance for variety. Never paid more than 12 bucks each and that was to see Toby Keith. We've danced to Terry Clark's music, The aforementioned Keith, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson and so on. They usually are near to their 3,500 person capacity and with their dollar a bottle long necks nights they make a LOT of money. Good use for an Old Sam's, hey?

They also have dance lessons for an hour or so before the first band starts up.

Oh, I just bought two pair of boot-leg Rustlers for $8.88 each!

There is no such thing as overtime at our Walmarts.

Management here in Washington RARELY fires anyone as I mentioned before but they lie about what your hours will be.

They hired a friend of ours to work midnight to 7 and within a week they had her on days working the cash register. She quit. The original hours she wanted were necessary because of her husband's schedule and because they need someone with their autistic son 24/7 and they can't afford to hire any help.

Management knew this from the git-go. Usually they "work with you" about scheduleing, they have with my friend, Nancy, we think that some admin type looking at her needs vis-a-vis her son feared that somehow Walfilth would end up having to cover some of their costs in that area. Who knows?

My friend Nancy was fired from a job when she told them she had to have her Thyroid removed due to cancer. Did it the day before surgery. They claimed she wasn't qualified for family medical leave. Of course she hadn't ASKED for such leave and had worked out her schedule so she could be back to work after what amounted to a four day weekend. This same company (Code Three) had allowed her to take TWO weeks leave to travel out to Wyoming just two months earlier. It was the inclusion of the word "cancer" that actually got her fired.

We learned the details at a later date. There wasn't a thing we could do about it. Turns out a nurse in her doctors office VOLUNTEERED the information that, worst case scenario, she would be out for as long as three months. Nancy was back, looking for work, by the next Wednesday, less than a week after telling them she had surgery that Friday for Thyroid cancer.

She is fine now but crappy decisions like that are common in "business"

and sorry for the thread drift!