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Posted By: Alice
10-Dec-02 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: pennywhistles for dummies
Subject: RE: BS: pennywhistles for dummies
I have a Sindt on order and I'm looking forward to having it in my hands. My collection of inexpensive whistles includes two Susatos, one I bought in the late '70's and one I got recently. Can't say I really like the Susatos. The Sweetone is easy to play but too out of tune, the Feadog the one I play mostly, a free one I got that is called a Doolin whistle, from the Shanna Quay web site, is the next best after the Feadog for being in tune. I have Generations in F, the little G whistle, and Eb, but not a D, so I don't play them much. Can't wait to get the Sindt!! It will hopefully be ready in March.

I recommend Geraldine Cotter's Book, TRADITIONAL IRISH TIN WHISTLE TUTOR. I have Robin Williamson's book from back when I bought that first whistle, but I like Cotter's book better.