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Posted By: DocJohn
06-Jun-99 - 10:37 PM
Thread Name: Anyone familiar with Johnson Resonator Guits
Subject: those URL's
there is a guy in Europe who plays and sells Continentals and knows about Johnsons. I think I have figured out they are by the same people, one's the econmy model. Homesick Mac is a great guy with very informative web site. Poke around and you'll learn something. Listen to his music, it's nice. He's also good to trade e-mail with. I'm not sure if that's the opening page but you can get there from here.

As far as reso's go, if you look you can find them. I remember now that the other post indicated the guitar was ~$500.00 US. Myu dobro lectric is growing on me. I played it today and got SO MANY different tones out of it. It's good for finger picking as well as sliding and also wailing with the amp. It sounds ok acoustic and has a wide variety of sounds plugged in.