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Posted By: Barry Finn
07-Jun-99 - 12:01 AM
Thread Name: I give up. What's a HOGEYE?
Subject: RE: I give up. What's a HOGEYE?
A couple of other lines that would be food for thought.

The Hog eye man is the man for me
He's blind in one eye & cannot see (does that mean he's only one eye to start with?)

Who's been here since I've been gone
A railroad navvy with his sea boots on (navvy boots?)

Another in this, can I say area, Whup Jamboree = Jinny get your (ringtail/oatcakes) (warm/done).

Sailors were masters of double & triple entredre (sp?), what they said &/or what they meant to say could be worlds apart. You may have had to have been there.

Hi Margarita. A dead eye is a fitting that has been replace by the turnbuckle. It's round with two (eye) holes on the upper part & one (mouth) hole on the bottom part. Through these hole goes, from the upper, the part of the standing rigging called a stay or shroud & the lower part would generally go to the chainplates. The tension on the rigging from here could be ajusted. There's also mentioed in song (Banks Of Newfoundland) the Deadman (go wash the mud (not blood) off the deadman's face). The deadman, like the deadeye has the same 3 holes but instead of a round object it's more resembles a skull. The anchor chain is lead from the ship's bow overboard to the mouthpiece of the deadman then from the other 2 holes runs an anchor chain from each hole so that two anchors can be set from what was originally one chain line. I've never heard of a deadman or deadeye being used in any other way.