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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
11-Dec-02 - 10:56 PM
Thread Name: Shanty Gathering Ideas for New England
Subject: RE: Shanty Gathering Ideas for New England
A year or so ago I approached one of the History Profs @ USM Portland about doing something on Campus in conjunction with one of their History Classes. When I finally got ahold of someone, I discovered that they had a class on New England Cultural History, which covered the maritime heritage to some extent. Unfortunately, our timing was off as the class was nearly over by that time. The Prof. suggested that it might be an interesting concept if better timed. We would get a venue gratis, and USM would get a good dose of musical tradition for some of the Students to experience and participate in. Works for me.

2nd Semester starts after the Holidays, as I recall; anyone up for giving that another go?

Another thought - the Maine Historical Society. they have some pretty decent facilities in Portland, as does the nearby Museum. Sue and I are Members... what thinkest thou?

In the Summer the Yarmouth Community Services as well as the Yarmouth Historical Society feature regular educational and entertainment programs, usually on a Monthly basis, and are frequently looking for contributors. We would, no doubt, be blurring the lines of distinction between a "gig"/Performance and a less formal free-for-all session/hoot... can we do that? I have and continue to have dealings with both of these organizations from time to time, and would check into the possibility of doing something with them next Summer if anyone would like me to.

There is the 5th Maine Memorial Hall out on Peaks' Island which will hold a pretty fair crowd; they rent it out, but we have a few connections out there as well if interested. It would involve a ferry ride out and back for us mainlanders - but is that such a bad thing? (Especially if a bunch of us go over together). The 3rd Maine participates in a big whoopie out there about every August, and it is a beautiful spot.

Personally, I'd be more comfortable in a place a little less "inner city" than the Press Room seems to be - although I've never been there it seems from the reports of those who have that it's much more challenging to get into/out of/ park near than the China Seas. I'm not a big fan of bars, either.

Is there anything in the Seabrook or Hampton Beach NH area that might work?