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Posted By: Alice
11-Dec-02 - 11:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bloody WalMart
Subject: RE: BS: Bloody WalMart
I'm surprised that no one mentioned the recent report on NOW with Bill Moyers about WalMart and the lawsuits against them. Quotas that are required have caused managers to make employees work UNPAID overtime. Actions taken to keep unions out are also questioned.


I've been to Bentonville to do a sales presentation to the Wal Mart Headquarters buyers. It was a weird world, a unique experience. The entry lobby is filled with rows of folding chairs. Vendors (99% or more male) dressed in black or grey business suits sit waiting for the clock to show time for them to enter the sales cubicles to meet buyers. When the time comes, a locked gate opens... everyone rushes in to their cubicle make their presentation. I was there with the owner of a sportswear company from Colorado who used to buy design work from me. I was the only person wearing colors in the large entry room filled with suited vendors! I was dressed in a teal sheath with fuschia jacket and teal high heels, matching fuschia purse and an art portfolio under my arm. The minute I stepped into the front door, all eyes in the vendor room turned to me. GAPE... a person not dressed in a dark business suit! I had a grin through the whole thing, it was so strange. As we left I finally noticed another woman in the herd... she was wearing a navy blue suit and had blended in perfectly with all the guys.