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Posted By: Alice
11-Dec-02 - 11:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bloody WalMart
Subject: RE: BS: Bloody WalMart
So, how does Wal Mart keep those prices down? One way is to save money on payroll by having people stay in the store overtime without pay.

...'STEVEN GREENHOUSE: Would they actually order you to work off the clock, or was it
                            something you did that they really didn't know about?

                            FARRIS COBB, No, they knew. They all knew. That's what they would tell me that, um,
                            you have to do this for the company.
                            ANDREA FLEISCHER: Russell Lloyd, a former judge, represents Farris Cobb, Liberty
                            Morales and 19 others in class action lawsuits filed in six states throughout the South.

                            RUSSELL LLOYD: Each of these individuals has been pencil whipped. A little here, a little
                            there, no claim is more than - worth more than two, three, four thousand dollars.

                            ANDREA FLEISCHER: But Lloyd calculates that for just one store in Texas with 250
                            employees, saving one hour of overtime per person per week quickly adds up.

                            RUSSELL LLOYD: That's 250 hours a week. That's a thousand hours a month. In one
                            store. That's roughly twelve thousand hours a year, he's getting free labor. Out of that one
                            store, and there's three hundred and some odd stores in Texas.

                            ANDREA FLEISCHER: That kind of arithmetic for the state of Texas alone, could mean 30
                            million dollars in savings in one year.