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Posted By: Alice
12-Dec-02 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bloody WalMart
Subject: RE: BS: Bloody WalMart
My experience of doing a sales presentation in Bentonville (in the message before this thread split to page 4) was an inside peek into an organization I would never work for. Companies strive to become vendors for Wal Mart thinking they can really make big bucks. What can happen, as in the case of the apparel company I freelanced for, is that they promise a big order, the company puts all their effort into producing samples and production for Wal Mart, and after the initial order they change buyers internally or the rules regarding to which stores the vendor can sell. I've seen two companies gear up to be Wal Mart vendors, invest alot of time and money, set aside their smaller customers, and then after a year or so get dropped flat by Wal Mart. One company became a fourth of the size it was previously, the other company went out of business.