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Posted By: Alice
12-Dec-02 - 10:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bloody WalMart
Subject: RE: BS: Bloody WalMart
Buying from LOCALLY OWNED businesses is good policy in economic development for any community. "Buy Local" is becoming a watchword from Britain, to US to Australia.

Here is a bit of Western Australia's Buy Local policy.
Western Australia's Buy Local Policy.

More links to articles on local economic development are on the left side of the link to the page above.

"...such policies help maintain long-term economic
                            health and stability. Although big box developers claim their projects will generate new
                            jobs and boost tax revenue, numerous studies have found otherwise. These big stores
                            usually force dozens of local businesses to close, destroying about as many jobs and as much
                            tax revenue as they create.

                            Much more of a dollar spent at a local store stays and multiplies in the local economy.
                            Local merchants support a variety of our local businesses, such as banks, printers,
                            accountants, and small manufacturers. Chain stores centralize these functions at their head
                            offices and keep local spending to a minimum.

                            Consumers have options about where to shop and the community as a whole is not overly
                            dependent on any one company. Corporate retailers tend to be fair-weather friends and
                            routinely abandon stores when the economic winds shift. Wal-Mart currently has more
                            than 350 vacant outlets nationwide." END QUOTE