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Posted By: GUEST,daylia
13-Dec-02 - 07:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking-2years on
Subject: RE: No Smoking-2years on
Yeah, Ebbie, the 'rebellion' stance is sure silly from a logical point of view, I agree. But that doesn't make the danged emotions any less real. It's the anti-smoking propaganda that really hits my 'rebellion' buttons ...

I really do resent it, and I'm pretty suspicious about it as well. If the 'powers that be' are truly concerned about people's health, why not plaster dire warnings and horrible pictures all over alcohol products, junk food and gas pumps as well? Those products, and so many others, are just as dangerous to people's health as tobacco, if not more so.

I suspect it's because there has been a powerful anti-tobacco lobby active in Canada for a few decades now whose interests are economic, not social. Tobacco grows on prime, already-cleared farmland in the heartland of Ontario (and central US) that has been coveted by land-hungry developers for many decades. These developers, the real 'engine' behind the anti-smoking lobby, provide a lot more revenue for the government than tobacco taxes. So the tobacco farmers are being forced out of business by the heavy taxes and anti-smoking propoganda, clearing the way for more!!new (ugly) subdivisions and all the revenue generated for the banks and the government by these developments.

Thousands of seasonal workers have lost their jobs in recent years as the tobacco farms are turned into "people-hives". And there is a heavy toll on the environment as well, as the population in these areas explodes. I live near this area, and I've watched it happen. But hey, as long as the rich are happy ...

Oh, and I certainly wasn't recommending cutting down as an alternative to quitting cold turkey. I know cold turkey works best for most people. I'm just happy to have broken the habit of smoking indoors, and grateful to be smoking less.

BTW I think one reason people tend to gain weight when they quit smoking is because nicotine is a stimulant, speeding up the body's metabolism. Without the nicotine, metabolism slows down and your body burns less calories even if your eating habits don't change.