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Posted By: nutty
14-Dec-02 - 02:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking-2years on
Subject: RE: No Smoking-2years on
Guest Smoking yuk!!!! My addiction was all connected with rewarding myself (low self-esteem). I'd think "I'll just do this .then I'll sit down and have a cigarette". I've still not found anything that I can substitute for that feeling of relaxation having a cigarette gave me but as Kendall said now the feeling soon goes away.

I congratulate all those who have given up but I thoroughly understand the problems of those who have fallen by the wayside.

My reward now is to have my real voice back .... both in power and tone. The joy of singing songs I love without worrying that I am going to run out of breath. Knowing that I am going to hit that high or low note like I used to 20+ years ago.
'Losing' my voice was a gradual thing .... I never really noticed .... but having it back makes all the 'pain' of the last two years worth while.

This thread is not the place for lectures or snide comments. A smoker meets that everyday in the outside world. There are many of us who felt like Ebbie, when it seemed that the world would tolerate anybody but a smoker.
Addicts to any other form of drug are given an enormous amount of help or support by various agencies .... lets be helpful and supportive here.