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Posted By: GUEST,Smoking yuk !!!!!
14-Dec-02 - 05:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking-2years on
Subject: RE: No Smoking-2years on
One thing I forget to mention in my previous post was the little talked about innocent deaths of children and adults from housefires caused about through the criminal stupidity of smokers....I dont have any official statistics to hand but i'd dare suggest a good 50% of housefires are the direct result of smoking accidents...Cancer is always the bogeyman put forward in all the anti smoking campaigns,but surely the unnecessary deaths of the completely innocent must take precedant over the self inflicted deaths of the self destructive self decievers who continue posioning themselves against all the vast torrent of established medical knowledge of the 21st century....Sorry but an addictive personality is no excuse for the needless tragic death of innocents perpetuated on a daily basis all over the world by this odious habit..