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Posted By: Cluin
15-Dec-02 - 04:13 AM
Thread Name: guitar tuners:good for beginners?
Subject: RE: guitar tuners:good for beginners?
A few plusses for the electronic tuner:

---If everybody in the band uses one, you're all in tune with each other. Although I've found that different brands might consider A-440 to be slightly different. To be right on, say in a recording studio situation, have everybody use the same one.

---The ones that allow you to plug in (or even the stick-on Sabine ones) let you tune up even in a noisy room, bar or jam session/practice hall where people can't seem to give you 30 seconds of relative silence to tune by ear. Saves time and aggravation to have everything tuned up ahead of time too, so's you can just launch in and drown out your neighbour.

---They will assure that your guitar is tuned to exactly the same pitch everytime so you can depend on being able to sing that killer song in D capoed 3rd fret (F) each time and not suffer the embarrassment on stage of a cracking or bottoming out voice or having to start again, after a few tentative bars, in a better key.

---They assure that your guitar will be tuned to concert pitch which is supposedly the tension your guitar is designed for. Maybe not that important a point, but it's best not to have it tuned too high and risk structural damage over time.

Yep, I like the electronic tuners. Best invention since twist-off tops IMO.