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Posted By: GUEST,Smoking yuk !!!!!
15-Dec-02 - 05:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking-2years on
Subject: RE: No Smoking-2years on
The issues I have raised are neither an attempt at political correctness or any form of hate campaign against smokers...I grew up in a house where both my parents were heavy smokers,but they were of an older generation who grew up before all the facts were made freely available on smoking....I am partial to a drink..being of Irish descent that is virtualy in my blood,but let me assure you my drinking is never allowed to affect the lives of anybody else..because I may have spent an evening in the pub (a rare event these days) I do not come home falling over everywhere puking or bash anybody up...if I have a skinful I get myself to bed qiutely and sleep it off...however whilst i'm in the pub I have to endure a whole evening of being emersed in other peoples smoke by the time I get home my clothes and body reek of tobbaco and my breathing is affected by inhaling second hand smoke to the degree that by the morning I'll be coughing up black tar the product of what should surely be a safe clean enjoyable evening out alas not so with the hazard of tobbaco fumes to contend with.....

As Kat laughing pointed out what about all those freethinking non politicaly correct smokers who selfishly insist in standing in the entrances and exits of buildings including hospitals inflicting their smoke on every passer by young and old with all the pathetic maniacal self centredness of some heroin addict shooting up in some seedy little doorway...Is it realy politicaly correct to raise the issue of the underlying cause for very many fatal housefires..if one innocent child or adult dies in a smoking related incident a year that is surely one too many,but let me assure you that every day around the world hundreds of innocents die as a result of this stupid unnecessary blind addiction,and lets not be absurd water and air and food are the staple requirements of continued survival so please get real all those who absurdly beleve our need for these to be some sort of addiction....