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Posted By: Trouble at Mill
15-Dec-02 - 06:39 AM
Thread Name: Petition Clarification (PELs)
Subject: Petition Clarification

As most of you know I have started a petition as a protest against the
proposed changes to the UK licensing law and the detrimental effect that it
will have on live music in England and Wales.
The petition can be accessed at

It is going very well in deed and in fact entered the 'top 10' chart for
most active petitions - at number 8.

I have had a couple of cnstructive/well meant criticisms for only listing
residents of the United Kingdom as signatories.
I am in fact being guided by the UK Governments Guidelines on E Petitions at and although it doesn't say
that 'foreigners' can't sign, it does indicate that signatures must have a
valid postcode, which suggest there may be a problem with non UK addresses.

However I have added this to my opening page :-

NB - if you are not a UK resident we still value your support and your
opinion. By all means sign the petition if you have a genuine interest in
live music in the UK (IE performer/festival goer/etc) I don't know whether
or not HM Government will recognise your signature - so if you feel the need
to sign please leave a comment on the forum stating your interest. I will
submit these along with the final petition.

Hope this helps and I would like to thank everyone for their
help/support/comments and please remember to take a hard copy of the form
with you to clubs/gigs etc to collect 'wet' signatures. These forms are
available at -
"links" - "petition" let me have them before 15th March

Graham Dixon