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Posted By: GUEST,Smoking yuk !!!!!
15-Dec-02 - 07:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking-2years on
Subject: RE: No Smoking-2years on
Guest Daylia I suppose you've never met anyone who practises self delusion either....You must surely be sponsoured by the pro tobbaco lobby or your living on a different planet to that which I know..I accept you and your dear old grandpappy (he was never sick once in his life til he died of lung cancer at 25 ha ha)are medical miracles...based upon this report we can stop cleaning our chimneys the effects of smoke cannot be proven to block them...sounds like cloud cuckoo land to me...Anyway at least theres one of us who thinks he's immortal it must be a happy existence ha ha...

Well done Kendall for your mention of the following, "A smoking section in a restaurant is like a peeing section in a swimming pool". ha ha
This wonderful and oh so true comparison made me laugh to myself out loud ha ha..Alas fans and smoke eaters do not solve the problem of passive smoking...they are just an attempt at avoiding the only realistic solution to this very realistic threat to the health of all subjected to second hand tobbaco smoke...they are certainly no solution to hazards from fire presented by smoking.....