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Posted By: Joe Offer
16-Dec-02 - 11:20 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Old Rosin the Bow / Rosin the Beau
Subject: ADD Version: Rosin The Bow
I was looking for something else, and came across this version of "Rosin the Beau" in Sam Henry's Songs of the People.
The notes date the song at 10 April 1937. Alternate titles are "Gentle Maiden," "rosin the Beau," and "Rosin-a-Beau."


I've travelled this wide world over,
And now to another I'll go,
For I know what good quarters are waiting
To welcome old 'Rosin the Bow.'
To welcome old 'Rosin the Bow,'
To welcome old 'Rosin the Bow,'
For I know that good quarters are waiting
To welcome old 'Rosin the Bow.'

When I'm dead and laid out on the counter,
A voice you will hear from below,
Crying out, 'Whiskey and water
To drink to old "Rosin the Bow."
To drink...

And when I am dead, I reckon
The ladies will want to, I know,
Just lift off the lid of the coffin
And look at old 'Rosin the Bow.'
And look...

Then get a full dozen stout fellows
And stand them all round in a row,
And drink out of half-gallon bottles
To the name of old 'Rosin the Bow.'
To the name...

Then get half a dozen young fellows,
And let them all staggering go,
And dig a great hole in the meadow,
And in it toss 'Rosin the Bow.'
And in it...

Then get you a couple of tombstones,
Put one at my head and my toe,
And do not fail to scratch on it
The name of old 'Rosin the Bow.'
The name ...

I feel that great tyrant approaching,
That cruel implacable foe
That spares neither age nor condition,
Not even old 'Rosin the Bow.'
Not even...