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Posted By: Dave Bryant
17-Dec-02 - 05:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Smokers in Europe?
Subject: RE: BS: Smokers in Europe?
At one time, one of the pubs that we used to sing in with Travelling Folk, had a landlord who although he didn't ban smoking, did discourage it. On the wall he had a notice which was along the lines of.

I don't mind if you you want to damage your own health by smoking, but unfortunately the waste product of your addiction, exhaled smoke, could damage mine. It also gets in my hair and my clothes and makes them smelly. I understand, though that you enjoy smoking and that it helps you to relax. I also have found a product that has the same effect on me - a pint of beer. This also produces a waste product - how would you like it, if after I'd drunk my beer, I pissed all over your hair and clothes.

There are many times that Linda and I will open a pub door, then turn round and go elsewhere because of the level of smoke. We both suffer from asthma (Linda more acutely than me) and often an evening in a smoky bar can mean a night of coughing and wheezing to follow. Very few smokers will believe just how long the smell of tobacco will persist in a car or room because obviously they are oblivious to it. The last time I let someone smoke in my car (with the window open) I could still smell it weeks later.