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Posted By: greg stephens
17-Dec-02 - 09:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Smokers in Europe?
Subject: RE: BS: Smokers in Europe?
This topic is alwys bound to be controversial as long as the anti-smokers continue to cross over the line between legitimate health concerns for and vindictive hypocrisy. Of the many examples of the latter that springs to mind, my favourite is the about-to-be-executed American criminal who was denied a last cigarette.
   England(in case youre coming this way naemanson) shouldnt trouble you unduly, with the exception of most pubs, which generallly permit smoking. Folkclub-type places in special rooms in pubs are increasingly non-smoking nowadays, as are most sit-down venues of all kinds. Work environments are mostly smoke-free, a measure introduced for the benefit of non-smokers but which generates extreme annoyance all the same. a lot of non-smokers seriously resent those furtive cabal meetings that happen outside the door to the car-park, where people snigger furtively and take the real decisions!
Should you come to our house(you would be more than welcome) you have to go on the backdeck (good weather) or the conservatory (inclement weather). The conservatory is particularly good as I have my 78 player there and a stock of remarkable old records. These rules re relaxed after dinner if there are guests. Then smoking is permitted with the port/madeira/whisky, after the final course is consumed(excepting nibbling at dessert, which carries on regardless). In those circumstances, smoking is welcome at the table. Those that dont like have to go in the conservatory then, or round the corner where the seats are more comfortable, and there is a TV.