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Posted By: GUEST,daylia
17-Dec-02 - 11:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking-2years on
Subject: RE: No Smoking-2years on
Raptor - I luv ya, my friend! :-)

THAT'S SO AWESOME that you've quit for nine months now! WAY TO GO !!!
(cheers ... applause ... cheers ... applause ...)

I'm SO impressed - and inspired! If you can do it, I can do it ...

There's so many good reasons to quit, and the truth is I want to but I'm scared of the STRESS ... I'd like to have more money in my pocket, to be free of the constant need to clear my throat, to maybe be able to sing those high notes again, and most of all not to CARE anymore about all the politics and propoganda...I'd much rather spend my mental/emotional energy on things I really like, like creating music with GOOD PEOPLE (raptors included of course!)

Egads, I've almost talked myself into it now! Maybe I could try using an affirmation, like this ...

"I now choose to release my old friend Tobacco with EASE, with LOVE, and with GRATITUDE for all the good times we've shared and the lessons I've learned. I AM in charge of my mind and my life!! It is EASY for me to totally release anything from my life that I choose to release.
I now choose to love and enjoy myself, and to BREATHE EASY..."

Probably have to shorten that up a bit ... something to say to myself over and over when I'm craving a smoke. IF I crave it at all (miracles do happen!!)

Thanks for the inspiration, Raptor, and thank you too everyone who posted above. Including Smokingyuk, for helping me exercise my 'love-thy-neighbour' faculties.

Ooooo, I'm scared ... am I REALLY going to do this ????