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Posted By: *daylia*
17-Dec-02 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking-2years on
Subject: RE: No Smoking-2years on
Nutty thank you so much for the good ideas and the support. I've let the 'rebellious' feelings re propoganda and the preaching of non-smokers (well-intentioned though, I guess) interfere with this decision for too long. But right now I just can't believe how weepy I'm feeling. I've loved my 'friend' Tobacco for so long.

Maybe it's like finally walking away from an abusive mate or something.

I better go before I drench this stupid (sorry, not stupid) keyboard. I have enough trouble getting it ti do what I want it to.

And CONGRATULATIONS for your two years smoke-free! And bless you for starting this thread. It just may change my life.