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Posted By: Gareth
17-Dec-02 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: Titanic and Olympic
Subject: RE: Titanic and Olympic
Reopen. I recently obtained a copy of Gardiner & Van Der Vat 's "The Riddle of the Titanic" Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1995 ISBN 0 75280 167 8.

Various "myths" are examined, Iincluding the "Titanic/Olympic" swop. evidence examined and taken as myth. This evidence includs photos taken of the "Titanic" as she now lies, showing the builders job number on components of the "Titanic"

Interestingly, and I did not know this previously, the White Star line was American owned, the ultimate shareholders being J P Morgan Trust.

The Cunard liners were built with a subsidy to Admiralty specifications as potential Armed Merchant Cruisers. This specification included longtitudanal and horisontal water tight bulkheads. Thus there would have been no topping over of the vertical bulkheads as happend to the "Titanic"