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Posted By: Cluin
18-Dec-02 - 04:29 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Hillcrest Mine (James Keelaghan)
Subject: Lyr Add: HILLCREST MINE (James Keelaghan)
You can get the lyrics to James Keelaghan's Small Rebellions CD right here.

Requires Acrobat Reader though...

But here's the lyrics to "Hillcrest":

Hillcrest Mine
by James Keelaghan 1988

"Canada's largest mining disaster happened at the small town of Hillcrest in the Crowsnest Pass area of Alberta in 1914. I Wrote this song while I was working in the area in the summer of 1987. Hillcrest is still there, though the collieries have seen better days."

Down in the mines of the Crowsnest Pass
It's the men who die in labour
Sweating coal from the womb of the pit
It's The smell of life they savour
And in that mine young man you'll find
A wealth of broken dreams
As long and as dark and as black and as wide
As the coal in The Hillcrest seam

They say you don't go
Say you don't go down in the Hillcrest Mine
They say you don't go
Say you don't go down in the Hillcrest Mine
'Cuz it's one short step
You might leave this world behind
And they say you don't go
Say you don't go down in the Hillcrest Mine.

I've heard it whispered in the light of dawn
That mountain sometimes moves
That bodes ill for the morning shift
And you know what you're gonna lose
Don't go my son where The deep coal runs
Turn your back to the mine on the hill
'Cuz if the dust and the dark and the gas don't getcha
Then the goons and the bosses will


Well son I'm gonna open up, I'm gonna have my say
You'll get no peace from the Hillcrest Mine
'Cept the peace of any early grave
Go out and work for The workers' rights
Go work for the workers' needs
Don't stay down here to toil for your buck
To be a tool for the owner's greed



A great song, a 3 chorder I play in "G" (actually DADGAD, capoed 5th, which I think is how Keelo recorded it himself). Also works well as an a capella "shouter".