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19-Dec-02 - 12:08 PM
Thread Name: Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman
Subject: Lyr Add: A LONG TIME AGO
(From the singing of Patrick Tayluer)
(Doerflinger - 'Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman' pp41-43)

variations on the repeat of solo lines shown in parens - though according to the notes the second repeat often began with "Oh," - which is NOT shown...

There was an old lady who lived in Dundee,
[to me way, hay, hay, yah]
There was an old lady who lived in Dundee,
[oh a long time ago]

Now her sons (they) grew up and they all went to sea

One became mate and the other a sailor

But the one that I'm going to tell you of, the story is:

He joined a Hark bound out for the East

And not as a sailor nor yet as a mate

He joined as the master of that fine clipper ship

Now, you all remember the ship that I mentioned.

'Twas the Catty Sark, (and) her name was so high

Now (Oh) he took her out East and he lost his old ship (his whole trip)

He took her out East as these words I have told you

Out to Foochow and then home again

Now, un'appily for him, he married out there

A nice little girl with a long pigtail!

Oh, she wore the trousers and he wore the shirt

But when I can tell you the voyage 'e made 'ome.

Now it's a long, long time and a very long time
Oh a long, long time and a very long time

One hundred and eight days, (oh)he did sail.

And 'e used to look at 'is Chinese wife and say,

If it 'adn't a been for your unluck on board!

Now, a long, long time and a very long time.

Now, I told you he was always a-growlin' at 'is wife,

But when in London he did arrive,

The owners they told him he had made a record voyage!

So what did he do but he's blessed his young wife

And instead of callin' her Mong Sallee

He called her the sweet name of Mong Cutty Sark