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Posted By: GUEST
19-Dec-02 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Ach/O du lieber Augustin
Translation from Austrian website, which follows the longer posting by Joe, 19 Dec. 02, 01:54 AM:

O, my dear friend Augustin, Augustin, Augustin
O, my dear friend Augustin, I just can't win!

Money's gone, girlfriend's gone, I just can't win, Augustin!
O my dear friend Augustin, I just can't win!

Coat is gone, staff is gone, Augustin's on his bum,
O my dear friend Augustin, I just can't win!

Even that rich town Wien, broke is like Augustin;
Shed tears with thoughts akin, I just can't win!

Every day was a fest, now we just have the pest!
Now all the corpses rest, that is the rest.

Augustin, Augustin, lay down in your coffin!
O, my dear friend Augustin, I just can't win.

According to this rather amusing Austrian wargames site, the song "originated in Vienna during the plague period of 1768-1769." "Legend has it that one evening, Augustin hoisted one too many and decided on a nap on the way home. The morning corpse patrol threw his body on the cart with the other corpses and took him away. Fortunately, Augustin awoke in the nick of time, to the horror of the mortician. In no time at all, the rumor spread far and wide that wine was not only a cure but also a great prophylactic for the plague."
All of this seems to be legend. When the last two verses were added is uncertain- was it during those years, or later? When did the song come to Vienna? Before the pest years, or not untin 1800 as some have suggested?
Website: Ach du lieber A
The website has a very good color illustration of all the coats of arms of the Austro-Hungarian provinces and principalities during the time of Kaiser Franz.