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Posted By: IanC
20-Dec-02 - 05:42 AM
Thread Name: PEL: Mummers stopped Cerne Abbas
Subject: RE: PEL: Mummers stopped Cerne Abbas
Just wondering what would have really happened if the mummers had gone ahead. They couldn't do anything to stop it at the time as it's not a criminal matter (or even a public order one). Also, the local council couldn't close the pub under current legislation.

What would have been different if people just ignored the jobsworths in this case? I know there's the threat of legal action but the local council would have to bring a case and prove something in court. What would their evidence be? How would they justify going to court? Judges and magistrates generally hate busybodies wasting court time.

Perhaps we should establish a "fighting fund" and sort out a test case. We'll be performing the mummers play on 3rd January, though I don't think Herts CC are supid enough to send someone out on a cold January evening ... they'd certainly get a reception from the locals!