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Posted By: Mark Clark
20-Dec-02 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Molly and Tenbrooks
Subject: RE: Origin and Lyr: Molly and Tenbrooks
What a great thread!

There are two more verses I sing to Molly and Tenbrooks that I've always remembered as coming from Monroe. My guess is that Monroe, like many performers, didn't always perform the same set of verses or necessarily in the same sequence. The additional verses I remember are:

See that engine coming, it's coming round the curve,
See old Tenbrooks runnin', he's straining every nerve,
Straining every nerve oh Lord,
Straining every nerve.

They ran the Kentucky Derby on the twelfth day of May,
Some bet on old Tenbrooks and some on Molly Day,
Some on Molly Day oh Lord,
Some on Molly Day.

If I didn't get these verses from Monroe, maybe one of you will know who used them.

      - Mark