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Posted By: Suffet
27-Dec-02 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The New So Long It's Been Good to Know...
Subject: RE: The New So Long It's Been Good...

Thank you. But feel free to make up your own verses as you go along. Woody himself wrote at least four different versions of So Long....

By the way, here's a new verse that I sing next to last:

Those crafty Bush brothers, an election they stole,
Now the nation keeps sinking down in the hole,
But like kidney stones, they, too, shall pass,
May the voters soon toss those boys out on their ass,

I then end with the verse about Ashcroft. Joel, on the other hand, sings the Ashcroft verse next to last, and then ends with this new verse of his own:

George W. Bush, it's time to step down,
You stole the election, now get out of town,
Take your guns and your friends and your family away,
The country will thank you and here's what we'll say . . .

Come back in a few years and you may find the song has evolved into two totally different versions.

--- Steve