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Thread Name: Lyr Req: El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez
Subject: Lyr Add: GREGORIO CORTEZ (Carolyn Hester)
For Cortez's bio, see also More About the Corrido "Gregorio Cortez".

Carolyn Hester sang this corrido in English with Jacques Menahem in Spanish on Various Artists, The Badman [LP] (Columbia/Legacy L2S 1012, 1963); the following lyrics are from the book (p. 61) accompanying the album (words in square brackets are translations). The song is also on Carolyn Hester: Dear Companion (Bear Family BCD 15701).

GREGORIO CORTEZ (El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez)

"This is a composite of stanzas from several variants of the Mexican border corrido of Gregorios Cortez cited in Américo Paredes' With His Pistol in His Hand."

Como decimos así es,
en mil novecientos uno
el día ventidós de junio
fue capturado Cortés.

[As we say, so it is;
In nineteen hundred and one,
On the twenty-second of June
Cortez was captured.]

In the county of El Carmen
A great misfortune befell,
A major sheriff is dead.
Who killed him no one can tell.

At two in the afternoon,
In half an hour or less,
They knew the man who killed him
Had been Gregorio Cortez.

They let loose the bloodhound dogs,
They followed him from afar,
But trying to catch Cortez
Was like following a star.

En el condado de Kiancer
lo llegaron a alcanzar
a poco más de trescientos
y allí les brincó el corral.

[In the county of Kansas
They secceeded in overtaking him,
Something more than three hundred,
And there he jumped their corral.]

Then the major sheriff said,
As if he was going to cry,
"Cortez, hand over your weapons,
We want to take you alive."

Then said Gregorio Cortez,
His pistol in his hand,
"Ah, so many mounted Rangers
To take one Mexican."

Otro día por la mañana
él solo se presentó:
--Por la buena sí me llevan
lo que es de otro modo no.

[On the next day, in the morning,
He surrendered of his own accord,
"You can take me if I'm willing,
But not any other way."]