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Posted By: alison
12-Jul-97 - 12:14 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Two Conneelys (Christy Moore)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE TWO CONNEELYS (Christy Moore)

Managed to transcribe this myself off a video. Anyone any ideas about the lyrics with a "?", I know the area he's singing about, (well vaguely) but I can't think off anywhere called "Sing's chair."

The Gaelic bit I've done phonetically. If anyone can do it properly, or add a translation, I'd be grateful.

Christy Moore

Bm              Em                     Bm
Near the Atlantic's seething swell
              Em                      Bm
Hear the lonesome chapel bell,
                        C                               Bm
God save their souls and mind them well.
    C/Am Bm                 Em
The two fishermen Conneely.

Yesterday at half past four,
They pushed their curragh from the shore.
One took the net while one took the oar.
The two fishermen Conneely.

From Connor's Fort and from Sings chair (?)
Towards Inishmore and Inisheer,
They scan the sea in silent prayer
As they go searching their labours.

De ye leeve bar teese cara-bra,
Boch-may har-nash har bor-am tra,
Gan-may-ef san-ha sas-ta harn yav,
Der moss fish-or-man Conneely


Throw(?) the seaweed on the hill,
Sow potatoes in the drill.
Try to understand God's will
And the loss of the two Conneelys

Repeat 1st verse