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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
31-Dec-02 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: Norma Waterson
Subject: RE: Norma Waterson
With an MBE she doesn't get to be called Dame Norma, I understand. Rather a pity. The same way it isn't "Sir Martin". They'd have had to have the GBE instead of the MBE for that.

Here is a page where the BBC solemnly outlines this strange phenomenon of the Honours System,/a>, with all the subtle distinctions of rank and hierarchy involved.

I think it'd be better to have just one award called the GE, for Good Egg. And balance it with another called the BE, for Bad Egg.

I see the BBC has been having a listeners' poll on which person they would most like to see excluded from Britain - Tony Blair romped home ahead of the field.

There was a parallel poll on who people would like to import into thsi country. George Bush and Saddam Hussein scored well here, largely on the reasonable grounds that that would save the USA, Iraq, and the rest of the world, from having to put up with them as Head of State.